String object in Javascript UDF does not have the replaceAll() function

When trying to use replaceAll() function from a String object in Snowflake’s Javascipt UDF, it will fail with the below error message:

100132 (P0000): JavaScript execution error: Uncaught TypeError: 
a.replaceAll is not a function in TEST at ' return a.replaceAll('test', '');' position 11

Based on the information on Wikipedia, the string function replaceAll() was released in June 2021, with 12th Edition – ECMAScript 2021. 

Since this is a new function, it has not been incorporated into Snowflake’s Javascript library.

To perform a replace all on a string, we can use the replace() function using a regular expression with a “g” global flag. Example as below:

"Mr Blue has a blue house and a blue car".replace(/blue/g, "red");

The above Javascript code will return: “Mr Blue has a red house and a red car


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