About Me

Hello there, this is me – Eric. Welcome to my blog.

I worked as a PHP web developer for more than 10 years before I started to get hands on experience using Hadoop/CDH when I was working at Effective Measure (now called Narratiive), which was a company based in Melbourne to collect web traffic and generate varies reports for all sorts of clients around the globe.

During my time at EM, we spent almost one year to migrate our system from MySQL Database into Hadoop and we had used Hive and MR1 in CDH environment extensively for a couple of years.

Due to my experience with Hadoop/CDH, I successfully got my previous job as Senior Staff Customer Operations Engineer in Cloudera, who is the provider of CDH/CM software, which is used by thousands of companies globally for big data processing and machine learning. Since day one I joined Cloudera, I started blogging Hadoop/Cloudera Troubleshooting Guide, to share my experience of my daily life of solving CDH/CM related issues.

After working as a Clouderan for 5.5 years, I see a more exciting opportunity with Snowflake came up, who is the market leader in the Cloud Data Warehouse world. So I decided to move on and now I work as a Principal Data Warehouse Engineer at Snowflake.

My main responsibilities are helping Snowflake customers to resolve day to day issues when using Snowflake platform, understand why query fails, runs slow, or any problems with any features that Snowflake provides.

I enjoy working in a fast growing company, and with new knowledge learned every single day. I like to keep whatever I learnt documented, just like what I had been doing with my Cloudera Blog, hence I setup this new blog site and hope my experience can help with all of you who might face similar issues that I have faced before.

If you have further questions about me, my professional experience, please feel free to contact me, or add any comments to the articles I posted.

Happy Blogging!!