Tag: DDL

13 November 2020

ALTER TABLE … RECLUSTER is Classified as DML, not DDL

We all know that ALTER TABLE is a DDL (Data Definition Language), not a DML (Data Manipulation Language), because ALTER TABLE only changes metadata information about a table, like adding a new column, or changing existing column names.. If you are unsure about the differences between DDL and DML, please refer to this page on StackOverflow for details: What are DDL and DML? I will […]

13 November 2020

Fully Qualified Name in GET_DDL

By default, GET_DLL function in Snowflake will return TABLE or VIEW without database and schema path. Please see example below: The result is below: You can see that the table name GET_DDL_TEST returned without Database and Schema info. This could be problematic if user is relying on the output to re-create tables or views, and the newly created tables or views might end up in […]