Tag: Timestamp

2 October 2020

Query Failed With Error “Timestamp ‘2020-09-28’ is not recognized”

Most of time when Snowflake query complains about something “is not recognized”, it normally means that Snowflake is not able to CAST a given value to a target type. In my case of “Timestamp ‘2020-09-28’ is not recognized”, it means Snowflake is not able to convert value “2020-09-28” to Timestamp value. This sounds a bit non-sense, as “2020-09-28” is a valid timestamp value, even without […]

2 October 2020

Timestamp Precision Rounding

Currently in Snowflake, it supports using the precision format of FF<N>, where N is a number between 0 to 9, to display precision part of the timestamp value. To demonstrate how it works, please see below examples: By default the output returns only 3 digits, which is up to milliseconds, is because the session level parameter TIMESTAMP_OUTPUT_FORMAT has the default value of “YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS.FF3 TZHTZM”. […]